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Manila, May 30 2024 - 05:36:pm

About Us a the leading innovative portal for all Gift Certificates in the Philippines. We simplify life of buyers who has to choose a gift but do not have time, or ideas as to what to offer. This way with GiftCertificates, the recipient gets to choose its favorites gifts while being grateful to the giver. also simplify the life of merchants who do not need to print gifts certificates, and manage the tedious process of verifying the validity of the GC printed (let alone the security of the GC being easily copied). Our system provides the verification, approve each transaction, for which we will guarantee the transaction for the merchant. 

Our mission: 

  • To efficiently drive growth for our merchant partners through use our of technologies, while empowering livelihood for our consultant partners across the world.


  • a better-connected world of merchants and consumers.