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Manila, June 14 2024 - 11:15:pm

Legal fully complies to the Republic Act of 109621, which has been passed on Dec 29. 2017 and which regulates all gift certificates in the Philippines.

Please find the following republic act in this following official link:

In summary, the law states the following : 

1- Gift Certificates in the Philippines are as good as cash, and shall be treated as such, and all senior citizen discounts, promos, etc.. shall apply to goods and services paid with gift certificates.

2- Gift Certificates can not have an expiry, meaning it is as good as long the merchant is in operations.

3- The law shall apply to past and future Gift Certificates issued. 

4- Merchants must honor a remaining balance for all certificates (which our system does) fully complies to the management process of such required process and therefore is fully compliant with the new law, saving time and money for the merchants in implementing gift certificates in the Philippines.