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Manila, April 23 2024 - 09:20:am


For consumers buying :

The nominal price is the value against which you can claim the products or services. 

The discounts is the amount the Merchant is offering the consumers for purchasing their Gift Certificates. 

The handling fees is the small fees we charge the users for the usage of our services,

For Merchants using :

We have 2 types of fees : 

1 - Marketing fees : We charge marketing our portal and marketing is helping the merchants to sell extra Gift Certificates to the users. If clients are the one bringing their own clients, either via a weblink coming from their website or from their facebook, the marketing fees are then waived as the marketing efforts of are not defined. 

2 - Transaction fees : There will always be a transaction which are the clearing fees that other parties such as credit card company are charging us. We add a small commission on and above this fees. 

Should you have any further questions about our pricing policy, please feel free to contact us.